The innovative needle geometry for the perfect loop

A perfectly formed loop is the basis of flawless, high-quality seams. The geometry of the sewing-machine needles used has a decisive influence here. With its unique LoopControl needle geometry, Groz-Beckert provides an intelligent solution here – for both lockstitch and chainstitch applications. The optimized geometry of blade and longitudinal groove on LoopControl lockstitch needles guarantees far better thread protection and reduced load on the thread when it runs over the edges of the longitudinal groove. The LoopControl chainstitch needle also features innovative blade and groove geometry – plus a large needle eye in relation to the needle thickness.

LoopControl – The Benefits at a Glance: 

  • Perfect loop formation 
  • Optimal care of the sewing thread 
  • Prevention of skipped stitches 
  • Protection of the sewing material 
  • High needle stability

Interested? Find out all the details in the product brochure "LoopControl" under "Further Information".

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