For fine materials in the chainstitch sector

Maximum wearer comfort with fine knitwear? The use of textured yarns as needle threads makes it possible! Soft and elastic seams are made with them. This can lead to problems during loop formation, however. Depending on material quality, equipment, sewing speed and the choice of needle thickness, material damage can occur. Skipped stitches and broken threads are often a problem – regardless of seam design. This is where the Needle System UY 128 in LoopControl geometry comes in, optimizing the processing of fine knitwear!

The Needle System UY 128 in LoopControl geometry is suitable for the following applications: 

  • decorative seams 
  • hem seams 
  • flat seams 
  • double lap seams 
  • side and arm seams

Examples of products that can be manufactured with higher process reliability: 

  • women's and men's underwear 
  • sportswear and active wear 
  • button down shirts and blouses 
  • shirts

Interested? Find out all the details in the product brochure "LoopControl" under "Further Information".

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